Ornamented Pillar


“The Templar was trying to translate the inscriptions carved on this tall pillar as best he could under the flickering light of his torch. Whether it was a warning, a curse, or simply a form of greeting, he couldn’t tell yet… But the people who had left the traces of their passage here had certainly done so for a good reason! Dawn would arrive soon, as would reinforcements, he quietly hoped…”

Resin scenery for your 25 to 32 mm tabletop miniatures games.
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All our pieces are cast in the best resin available on the market, making them shock resistant as well as easy to paint and to carry around. They feature an impressive amount of details and are also modular so that you can create varied and awesome looking battlefields.

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Approx: 3"
Approx: 3"
Approx: 3.25"
Pressure casting resin