Abandoned Lab


“It had been many hours since the engineer had started to try to desperately break the opening mechanism of this strange portal of oxidized metal hidden among the dunes of this immense desert! Far away, one could see the approach of a terrible sandstorm... there was no time to waste! The small group of survivors absolutely had to be able to find refuge in this makeshift shelter… A heavy click made the entire door tremble as it slowly creaked open into an oppressive Darkness! Strangely, the danger no longer seemed to come from outside, but from the entrails of this overly-dark place. What would they discover once through the entrance, as there’d be no going back?”

Resin scenery for your 25 to 32mm tabletop miniatures games.
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All our pieces are cast in the best resin available on the market, making them shock resistant as well as easy to paint and to carry around. They feature an impressive amount of details and are also modular so that you can create varied and awesome looking battlefields.

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Approx: 6"
Approx: 2.5"
Approx: 4.5"
Pressure casting resin