Large Wall


“The most audacious of the knights had relied too heavily upon their strength and mostly underestimated the strategy of their opponents... They now found themselves in a sort of cul-de-sac, surrounded by numerous ruins and barricades cutting off any retreat, and to make things worse, the enemy artillery started shelling them heavily. My cavalry is in peril, thought the young Captain, as he watched his valorous companions lose the early advantage of their charge! I have to lead them by example to pull all of us out of this tarpit… he thought! To his right, he glimpsed a usable breach in a large wall, and instinctively turned his steed in order to have enough headway to leap over the obstacle without being hindered... His troops followed as best they could... Their losses were thus much less significant and another battle would soon be able to start!”

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Resin scenery for your 25 to 32 mm tabletop miniatures games.
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Approx: 5.75" - 14,6cm
Approx: 2.5" - 6,3cm
Approx: 2" - 5cm
Pressure casting resin