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“Since the dawn of time, ruins of ancient civilizations have always fascinated most of humanity! From the young daydreaming child to the experienced archeologist to the treasure hunter, all turn their inquiring gaze to the slightest cut stone, pottery shard, or piece of oxidized metal... Well it’s the fantasy of the Lost City and of its magnificent buried jewels which is behind this collective enthusiasm for the legend or prophecy, no matter how obscure it may be! Though of course, the frantic quest for ruins which are as improbable as they are hard to locate will forever foster the historical curiosity of respected scientists, just as it will drive the selfish greed of shameless looters... Ruins always overflow with promises of glory for anyone who will dare brave the dangers of pulling them from the forgotten state in which they have hidden themselves, patiently waiting for the hour of their rediscovery!”

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Resin scenery for your 25 to 32 mm tabletop miniatures games.
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Pressure casting resin