The Pit


“Suddenly, most of the warriors focused on the circular monument, and in its center, the enormous creature was making monstrous wheeling flourishes with a tree trunk which had been uprooted not long beforehand, throwing its opponents yards away... With a massive blow, he literally crushed the leader who had stood up on the tomb, thinking he could gain advantage of some sort over the beast... The broken corpse of the unfortunate embedded itself into the vault which broke in half under the violent impact. A few seconds later, the entire battlefield started to split and break away here and there, then with a loud crash, everything fell, burying stones and flesh... Once the dust cloud settled, all that was left was a bottomless gulf!”

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Resin scenery for your 25 to 32 mm tabletop miniatures games.
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Approx: 8" - 20,3cm
Approx: 11.5" - 29,2cm
Approx: 4.25" - 10,8cm
Pressure casting resin