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Busts - Pack 1


Isabeau the Secret

  • May each day that goes by give me the strength to continue my designs and blood to feed my hatred.
    “The King of ashes will fall before his court and only then shall I be able to rest, so I swear”.

Krenald the Howler, the Huntsman

  • What was once a dream fades little by little, decayed by darkness and the duplicity of the Toothless. The fief of Gamehead teeters on the brink of the abyss, and it’s with fervor that all of its inhabitants defend their own convictions and ambitions.

Vladar the Arrogant

  • “If you won’t choose reason, then strength will teach you” shouted Vladar before dealing the coup de grâce to the cutpurse who dared defy him. The thrill of the final blow allows him to feel the power of holding a life within his hands, and it’s with a satisfied smile that he takes it.

Concept: Edouard Guiton
Sculptor: Sébastien Giroux

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