I’m Thierry Husser, multiple Golden Deamon winner, Slayer Sword Winner at Toronto in 2008 and the founder of

For the past 20 years, I have evolved into the miniature hobby and worked for some of the best companies in the world, such as Rackham, Anima Tactics and others.

THMiniatures presents a wide range of high end resin scenery items for your 25 to 32mm tabletop miniatures games

  • High quality items
  • Careful packaging
  • Thoughtful customer service

Our sceneries

These pieces are cast in the best resin available on the market making them shock resistant as well as easy to paint and carry around. They feature an impressive amount of details and are also modular so that you can create varied and awesome looking battlefields!


Received my box of awesome two days ago. It's beautiful! I am preparing it for a tournament that i am running in October, is the first kickstarter i have backed that i got exactly what i was expecting and more! Thanks TH for the amazing product!

Jennifer Aspden

Absolutely fabulous! I hope you do another Kickstarter for the volcanic line.

Ian Stewart